Amberly Cosmetics is a Norwegian cosmetic brand founded in 2017, offering high quality makeup and luxurious skincare products to the market.

An Amberly Beauty Advisor is an independent distributor that convey our products via our web shops. The main job of an Amberly Beauty Advisor is to give individual guidance and advice to Amberly Cosmetics customers. We bring the personal touch to our customers shopping before they buy the products. We are already established with this opportunity in Norway, and we are expanding rapidly! In Norway, women already took the first steps to become an independent Amberly Beauty Advisors. Who doesn´t want to be part of this beauty industry that helps others and succeed together?

Do you want to know when this new business opportunity is available in your country? Send us an email and we´ll let you know because we are definitely going global! So, what are you waiting for?

Send an email to aba@amberly.no and we´ll get in touch!